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Webinar: Team Medicine Part 1

TEAMS ARE THE NEW REALITY BOTH IN ORGANIZATIONS AND IN THE TREND TOWARDS COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN ORGANIZATIONS Management is beginning to learn the power of teams and the buy-in they create. Breaking down silos, self-managing teams, working horizontally, and collaborative relationships are just some of the buzz words businesses are using. This trend is only going to get bigger. Generation Y, the largest generation since the Baby Boomers, grew up working in teams and being evaluated in school on their teamwork. As this generation moves into the workplace, teamwork provides a draw for them to join and a reason to stay in an organization. Learning to work together harmoniously in teams allows the four generations in the workplace to smooth out the rough edges caused by their differences and leverage each generation’s strengths along with individual strengths.

Teams can deliver innovative and powerful results, but many organizations are struggling to make this transition successfully. Many are not doing it well and have teams in name only. These “Un-teams” are toxic in an organization. They create a legacy of discord, resentment and disillusionment. Organizations aren’t the only ones struggling to create good teaming. Individuals also have to learn new ways of working. Employees who were used to being evaluated on performance now are also being assessed on their teamwork. Some are discovering that the skills used to achieve individual success are not always the same skills needed to work productively within a team.

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