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Your Leadership Development program is critical to your organizational success and choosing the right partner to empower your leaders is vital.

MSBCoach experts will work with you using proven techniques to ASSESS your strengths and challenges, to COACH your core leaders; to CONSULT to create a personalized plan of action, and to TRAIN your team to be more effective.

We are different because we assess your leadership strengths and challenges and personalize a plan tailored your needs. We want to be your leadership resource partner to build success for your future organization.

Find out what our clients have to say...

Millennial Coaching - (World Strides)

World StridesMy leadership coach was amazing! She was incredibly thoughtful and helpful throughout the entire process. She made me articulate and spell out what I felt was missing from my current position and how to seek next steps. Going into coaching, my goal was to ‘move up’, but I was not properly communicating that to my supervisors in a way that let them know I was serious. Her coaching enabled me to flesh out all my goals, present them, and have a post-plan--no matter the outcome. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me through the entire process, and I truly feel I learned some life lessons that I will continue to carry with me!


Executive Coaching

Taking the feedback into actionable goals seemed like an unachievable goal at the beginning of the session, and with my coach's warmth, guidance, and encouragement, I walked away with goals that seem achievable, and I was energized and in a positive mood leaving the room. Thank you! -A senior leader at a Fortune 500 company


Executive Coaching - Foxborough Regional Charter School

Foxborough Regional Charter SchoolThis coaching model provided me with an objective sounding board. I was able to sort out thoughts and plans before I shared them with the team and/or individual team members, and able to get candid feedback on how I handled sensitive conversations and situations. It was such a valuable experience and gave me a fresh perspective!


Team Training - Foxborough Regional Charter School

I LOVE our trainings with MSB!


Executive Coaching (anonymous)

Since my coaching experience and connecting with you, my life has completely changed. Last August you asked me if (my former company) held the same values I did. I thought about this for a long time and came to the conclusion that the answer was definitely NO.

As fate has it, my position at (my former company) was eliminated in August and I was given a very comfortable semi-retirement. Although a bit hurt that it didn’t happen according to my timing, looking back, it was the best thing to happen! I took time for me - read a ton of books, traveled, got a lot of sleep and sun… And I’m thrilled to share that I have accepted an amazing position with a company that definitely has the same values I do…!

Thank you for everything you have done - you have no idea how much I think about my life-changing coaching adventure!


MSBCoaching Institute - Anonymous Participant

I really enjoyed the program and the rapport that we all developed very quickly/easily. All the participants were engaged, respectful of each other and motivated to learn. I also greatly appreciated the facilitator's expert instruction and her accessible approach to presenting. She create a non-threatening and engaging environment for us to learn. She is also an amazing coach and role model for coaching. The office administrator was also wonderful; she provided timely communication and was very thoughtful about ensuring we were comfortable and had nice things to eat. The facility was welcoming and comfortable.


Emotional Intelligence Workshop - Henrico County Social Services

Henrico County Social ServicesI am recognizing how my body language and tone can change depending on who I am communicating with. I am more self-aware of this and will work to change my response and attitude when dealing with others who can make my attitude change quickly.


Morgan Keegan

MKeegan 30b511533b"I initially made contact with MSBCoach through a mutual friend. I am in the process of transitioning from an extensive career as an executive in the financial services industry to a possible position in the Episcopal ministry. My coach’s leadership coaching assisted me in the following areas: • Rebuilding my self-esteem and sense of confidence during a particularly difficult time in my job (due to the global economic crisis and the stock market collapse) • Helping me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses as it concerns dealing with others in the workplace and in dealings with my current clients • Through personality tests and reading materials helping me to define my personality type and traits and discern how to maximize my talents in dealing with others • Learning to recognize my weaknesses and work through ongoing family frustrations such as my divorce in 2003 and trying to live up to my parents’ expectations as the oldest of three children • Use my abilities to help counsel others to the best of my ability – whether it is in my current vocation or in my possible calling to the ministry • Continue to focus on balance in my life – work, family, spiritual life and leisure time MSBCoach has been so reaffirming for me. Our emails and telephone conversations have all lifted me up, given me a renewed sense of purpose and boosted my morale significantly. I may call upon them again later this year to further assist me in my spiritual calling. My coach was a truly wonderful teacher, guide and leader and I would highly recommend MSBCoach to anyone looking for a coach.”
- Robert Fowler 
VP, Morgan Keegan & CO


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGIA 6fb244cb2f"I deeply appreciated my time with my coach. The coaching has proven to be more valuable than words could ever express. While appearing to be simple, the mere fact of my coach's unique ability to walk me through clearly identifying the situation and defining a solution, has helped me exponentially. Not only has it allowed me clearly prioritize my work load, but also the workload of my senior leadership chain. I am now able to prepare for meetings within minutes as opposed to hours and sometimes not being fully prepared at all! "Stay focused" and "finish what you start", while they seem like simple phrases. . . the execution thereof will yield many benefits! Thank you so much!”


Union Presbyterian Seminary

Union Presbyterian Seminary"My MSBCoach always assumes the answer to any dilemma I have is already within me. Through deep listening and conversation, she is able to help me target the focal point of challenges and then create a plan to successfully navigate them. She has guided me in identifying my strengths and how to leverage them in any situation regardless of my current place of employment. With MSBC coaching I have transitioned from an emotional leadership style to a style which values relationships but is more objective. Since working with my MSBC coach, I've seen an increase in my skills for critical thinking. As a result the teams I work with are invited to be more strategic - and more creative - in their execution as well. Thank you for helping me succeed in my quest for excellence!"
- Rev. Crystal R. Sygeel, Communications/Event Coordinator, Union Presbyterian Seminary


University of Virginia Health System

UVA Health logo eeee00de4f"I reached out to MSBCoach to provide assistance to a director who was struggling as a leader. I first met with MSBC to discuss specific concerns related managing conflict, improving communication, and driving execution. The coach who worked with us used very effective assessment tools to help us understand the current condition, the root causes of the issues, and developing plan with countermeasures tailored to get this director on a successful track. I truly appreciated the opportunity to work with MSBCoach and my director at the start of 6 month coaching commitment as well at 3 months and 6 months. I am happy to report a successful outcome was achieved. I will use MSBCs services in the future if the need arises."
- James M. Darin, RRT, LRCP, Administrator, Therapy Services


University of Virginia Darden School of Business

UVAB fe7c46bda5"My experience with my coach at MSB Coach has been wonderful. With her personal guidance, and the use of the Emergenetics Analysis, I have learned how to leverage my strengths to have more productive interactions with my boss, my colleagues, and the constituents of the Darden school. I have also developed a better understanding of how to navigate relationships with people who might think very differently from me. I would highly recommend the service to anyone who has the desire to take an honest look at himself/herself and then do the work to become better-- both personally and professionally."
- Lori Brookings, Darden


University of Virginia Foundation

UVAfoundation"We have partnered with MSBCoach on several projects and would do so again. The new information I learned about leading was quite compelling."
Tim Rose, CEO, UVA Foundation



cville"I learned about MSBCoach in 2009. This was the beginning of learning how MSBCoach could help our organization with leadership and team development. Five years later, their expertise was needed. Our sales staff was struggling to work together as a team and achieve the results I knew they had the talent to achieve, but we were not making the mark. We worked with MSBCoach to create a custom program to meet our needs. For over 8 months, we worked together using the principles to build a high preforming team: Emergenetics, Trust; Communication (including having difficult conversations); Commitment; Accountability; and Results. By the end of our sessions, the team’s performance had improved dramatically in a number of different ways. Sales were up, and more importantly, the group dynamic was positive and harmonic. Team members were holding one another accountable for results and communication was flowing more clearly. I highly recommend reaching out to the MSBCoach team if you are looking to improve your bottom line or strengthen your employees’ leadership skills."



lexis"In partnership with MSBCoach, we have worked to create unique coaching and leadership solutions to help our employees grow and develop, and thus also helping to achieve our company’s strategic goals.”
- Ashleigh Owens, Human Resources Business Partner, LexisNexis


Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

lf"As anyone in the real estate industry will tell you, 2008 has been a year full of changes and challenges. I have heard countless accounts from relatively new agents to long time producers about how this year has not only changed their business, but how it has impacted them personally as well. I became more and more concerned about how I could effectively help the agents in my office focus on what’s positive and look forward to what 2009 will bring. In planning for our Annual Meeting, I wanted to bring in a resource that would help the agents focus on what’s right in their world, both professionally and personally. I wanted to find a trainer who could come in to talk “big picture” and not necessarily about the real estate industry, but also apply the lessons to life in general. Thankfully I didn’t need to look far – MSBCoach was the answer. I have known CEO Michelle Braden since early 2007 and have been impressed by the passion and commitment she radiates when helping others. MSBCoach’s years of successful coaching and mentoring clients to achieve their personal and professional best is a testament to their collective knowledge and experience. Even more important, in my opinion, is their ability to quickly and completely understand the needs of their clients and to deliver the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals. MSBCoaches warm, personable, yet fun approach put their clients at ease and they know they have someone on their side. During our Annual Meeting, our presenter was able to draw the agents out of their negative thoughts and get them to participate in a discussion about how they can choose their path to success. We all participated in a fantastic exercise that reinforced for agents their positive attributes and gifts as seen by their fellow agents – this was a truly uplifting, encouraging and affirming experience. Even today, I see agents talking about and referring back to their “gift card” with a smile. The Annual Meeting was a huge success, in large part to MSBCoach. I highly recommend Michelle and MSBCoach to individuals and organizations looking for a professional who can help people realize their potential and create a pathway to success. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future and recommending her to my colleagues.”
- Amy Enoch, GRI 
Managing Broker, Long and Foster Real Estate


Phthisis Diagnostics

pthisis"MSBCoach has helped Phthisis create such a positive workplace environment.”
- Elizabeth P. Pyle, Administration & Operations Director. Phthisis Diagnostics"


Peidmont Virginia Community College

pvcc"I am pleased and proud recommend MSBCoach to you. As an adjunct faculty member at Piedmont Virginia Community College for 15 years and a leader in the Charlottesville non-profit world for at least as long, MSBCoach helped me greatly and specifically if the following areas: • My coach worked with me to improve my communications issues with colleagues – Communications has always been a weak point for me. I had a tendency to react negatively when challenged, with students and colleagues alike. My coach taught me strategies that encourage me to think before I speak and to take into consideration what the other person needs and where they might be right. • I had a tendency to react in anger when people didn’t agree with me. Obviously, this made compromise difficult and in some quarters I have a reputation of being difficult to get along with. My coach taught me some techniques that I now use to diffuse difficult situations in the classroom. These lessons have also made me a more effective negotiator. • My coach helped me identify my strengths rather than focus on my weaknesses. This has been liberating because I have always looked at ways that I need to improve rather than how I can use what I already do well! This change of outlook simply saves energy and improves my world view! I cannot overstate the support MSBCoach has provided. I appreciate her honesty and gentleness. She doesn’t force me to learn, she invites me to learn. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
- Connie Jorgensen

“PVC supports their development through individual Professional Development Plans, which include educational and coaching opportunities."
- Catherine Ann Claflin, Chief of Staff, Piedmont Virginia Companies



suntrust"Our trainer obviously has a passion for what she does and it comes through in her presentation. She has high energy and made the topic very fun. I wanted to know more and took time to introduce myself. She was very professional, but also relatable."
- April D. Ristau 
Senior Vice President/Area Manager, Licensed Insurance Agent 
SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Investment Services, Inc.



ups"Our trainer has great energy when presenting material to a group. Very passionate about MSBC’s approach to developing strong leaders."
- Randy B.


University of Virginia Health System

UVA Health logo"The self exploration exercises helped me to communicate and interact better with my colleagues."
- Melissa Frederick, Director of Compensation, University of Virginia Health System

"University of Virginia Medical Center has had a great experience with MSBCoach, LLC"
- John Boswell,Chief Human Resources Officer, University of Virginia Medical Center



volvo"MSBCoach is always well versed when facilitating coaching sessions as well as having a lot of energy and passion that becomes contagious with an audience."
Steve Humphrey 
Mack Trucks, Inc. / Volvo Trucks North America