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The Leadership Journey

Partnering with Leaders, Teams & Organizations
to reach the summit

Ground Level

This sets the foundation for all subsequent levels of leadership.

Base Camp

A person in a new "lead position" needs to grasp the inherent differences, strengths and talents of individuals, and how those relate to success on the job.

Alpine Level

Successful managers value a broader organizational perspective and understand what motivates people and will engage them in complex projects and organizational change.

Summit Approach

Leaders at this level have more strategic responsibilities.


At the Summit, leaders are future-focused, authentic, servant leaders.

Your Leadership Journey Accelerates Here

Leadership is a journey, not a destination.  Leaders have greater success on their voyage when they have a map, a coach and a team to support, encourage, and to build their accountability.  The MSBCoach Leadership Journey provides these critical tools to advance you and your team to the next level of continued success. 

The MSBC Leadership Journey is a customized, charted course where individuals and teams are arranged into “levels” of experience:  Ground Level, Base Camp, Summit Approach and Summit.  

There are situations when levels overlap.  When this happens, we work with each partner individually to meet their specific needs.  Each level presents different challenges and requires particular skills to be acquired in order for individuals/teams to climb higher and reach their Summit.  And MSB Coach will be there to support every step of the journey.

A few of our clients

MSBCoach was built with a commitment to develop leaders and future leaders. Since 2008, MSBCoach has partnered with individuals and organizations in the Charlottesville, VA area and around the world to provide the highest quality coaching and training.