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Blog: What Does Your Leadership "Selfie" Look Like?

Leadership Journey Levels:

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, is one of my favorite songs.  This song summarizes an important thought... if we want our world to be a better place, it begins with each one of us. If you buy in to the words of this song and want to be a change in the world.... you need to realize this includes being the change you want to see in your organizations as well. Being "the change and making a difference" requires a different way of thinking.  Ask yourself, “How do I engage with others? What is my leadership presence? Do I carry out my work with integrity?” 

As you move through your leadership journey you will have opportunities for continued growth and development.  We have created a visual to help you identify opportunities to move you forward.  The MSBCoach Leadership Maturity Model outlines different levels of leadership from "Ground Level" to "Summit."  We welcome you to check out this model and join us as you make the climb.

As you move along your leadership journey and venture toward your leadership summit (whether with us or on through some other path), I invite you to think about one of the attributes you embrace as being relevant to leaders who do reach the pinnacle-authenticity. Being an Authentic Leader is impossible to do without taking an introspective look at your own values and how they are translated into actions.  "Do as I say and not as I do," is not the most effective leadership model.  A good example of this is the parent who fervently tries to get their child to eat Brussels sprouts while they are eating macaroni and cheese!  Being an effective leader means having a complete understanding and "view" of who you are from every vantage point. All of us have "blind spots" that make it challenging to see areas we need to improve.  Maybe we need a way to take a leadership "selfie" to get all our angles including the "back side."  In case you are unfamiliar with the term "selfie".... it is a picture someone takes of themselves (just look up Kim Kardashian).  As we explore what it takes to be an authentic leader... maybe we should coin a new word, "leadership selfie."  What would your leadership selfie look like?

Below are a few questions to ask yourself as you strive to be an Authentic Leader and create your leadership selfie (we hope you will respond and help us add more questions to this list):

  1. What values do you hold dear and do you exhibit them in your leadership behavior?
  2. Do you set an example and "practice what you preach?"
  3. What do you do that builds trust?
  4. How do you continually improve yourself?
  5. Do you listen to the feedback and ideas from others? 
  6. Do you value opinions/people that are different from you/yours?
  7. Does your leadership example inspire others to want to be an effective and authentic leader?  
  8. What is at least one area your direct reports, peers, leadership or family would identify for your leadership improvement opportunities?  

Being an Authentic Leader is one of the hardest things to do.  It is a challenge because it forces us to take a look at “the man in the mirror”... to take a "leadership selfie" from every angle.  If we really look closely, it will push us to show our vulnerability. Exposing our values and passions opens us up to possible scrutiny. However, when an Authentic Leader shares the values and passions they hold as true and share what they expect of others, inspiration will be evoked.  This inspiration produces more engaged, more supportive, and more vested employees.


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