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Blog: Investing in Your Organization's Renewable Resources

Over the past few years I have been captivated by our need for development of renewable energy. It was only recently I realized the parallel between renewable energy through natural resources to affect our environment and renewable energy through investing in people to affect our work environment.

Renewable Energy is derived from sources that are constantly replenished by natural processes such as wind, water, solar and geothermal. Wikipedia explains it is energy that can be replenished at the same rate as it is used.

What happens to the work culture when we are withdrawing more energy than we are replacing? What difference would be created if we were making sure to constantly replenish our people resources through investing in: motivation, conflict resolution, work life balance, trust, seeking feedback and then using it, developing emotional intelligence, listening, customer and colleague service, respect, and so on….

I would dare say if these became renewable energy sources, constantly replenished, a leader’s results would be astounding on their corporate culture. They would see drastic improvement in productivity, bottom line dollars, less sick time, higher motivation and an overall more prolific work culture.

Ongoing motivation and energy are difficult enough for an individual to accomplish within themselves, let alone to encompass the entire team. However, as it is with renewable energy, so it is with renewable people energy. People energy seems difficult to harness and redirect, but with vision and plans in place, it can be accomplished.

Excellent leaders realize the importance of investing in their professional development and growth. As a successful leader you have to incorporate the law of multiplicity in your company. The results are staggering when leaders take the high road of not only investing in themselves but also in their team. It is time to get it right.

Things are important, but people are more important. Thomas Edison said, “If there is a way to do it better ... find it.” If there are ways to make your team feel more valued, respected and trusted, then find them. The results will be there when effectiveness and inspiration soar. The return on people investments inevitably yields profitable returns.

With a technological society perpetually moving forward, your investment in your people is what will set you apart from your competition. Richard Sloma, author of The Turnaround Manager’s Handbook said, “People are a firm’s most important asset. If you have an excellent product but only mediocre people the results will only be mediocre.”


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