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Blog: Free Yourself of "Quick-Fix" Thinking

Leadership Journey Levels:

I am always amazed how many leaders and organizations want immediate results in areas where immediate results are not possible.  I am even more amazed how many executive coaches and training organizations promise to deliver "Quick-Fix" results.

The truth is it takes time to develop leadership, change a culture, and build a business or anything else that is worth the investment.  There are strategies to set, skills to learn and new ways of thinking to embrace.  We then need to execute and implement over a period to create new patterns.  It is very similar to taking care of the body.  You cannot join the gym on January 1 and expect to be in perfect shape by January 30.  It takes time and commitment to see long-term results, but it is so worth it.

I tell my clients and myself all the time, if you want something different; you have to do something different.  Creating new patterns is an investment.  Let go of the notion it will happen with one or two day workshops or a few coaching sessions.  Make the investment for the long-term solution; you will be glad you did!


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