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Blog: Change Champions-Harnessing the winds of change

Leadership Journey Levels:

I have met a few amazing people who just love change. They are energized by the challenge just around the next corner even if they don’t know what it will be.  I have to confess in the spectrum of comfort with change, it takes me a bit more effort. 

The term “Change Champion” summons a vision of leading a team to victory.  Some leaders have an innate natural energy for this role and can inspire a team to action.  The challenge for me is balancing the comfort of valued processes built over time with an appetite for new ideas and change.  The good news is that simple time and effort is all that is necessary for anyone to activate our energy to become change champions.As with many management challenges, leading others through change is most effective when your belief inspires others. Will this produce a desired outcome that is beneficial to the business and employees?  Do you believe in the outcome? Like a great coach who believes in his players, you can energize your team.  So how do you activate your inner change champion with the right tool set? 

· Finding your inner Change Champion – Consider projects where you have been very effective in leading your team through change.  How did you find your energy for change?  I find this energy comes from immersing yourself in the challenge and finding the direction to a better future.  Consider the positives and negatives.  Embrace the positive potential and challenge yourself to find solutions for the negatives.  Understand the ongoing journey involved in change and commit yourself to the process.

· Engaging Employees in Change; Positive and Negative – Sometimes a change is imposed on a group and the best way to handle the change is to take the time to work through it as a group. A team may need to work out negative emotions to find strength together and accept a new way of doing things. Opportunities to exchange ideas for implementation can make for a better solution even in less than ideal circumstances. Change champions will emerge in the group to help others who are less open to new ideas.  These change champions on your team will be invaluable in implementation.

· Creative Idea Sessions – A regular workshop session to exchange ideas is the easiest way to energize and engage your energy and the energy of your team.  Seize the opportunity to have everyone participate in creative discussions.  If you create the change plan together, everyone is a change champion.

I am a big fan of humor to deal with difficult situations and bring a smile. I love this quote from my favorite change poster because it reminds me about the importance of being a champion for change. 

When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can turn into deadly projectiles.  Demotivators – Funny quotes to acknowledge life’s challenges

I have found that if you don’t put time and effort into change, small “projectiles” can undermine great leaders. In your goal to be great leaders, remember to find ongoing ways to manage the winds of change and harness the energy.  Grab your tools and be ready!


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