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The Leadership Journey

How it Works


Ground Level

This sets the foundation for all subsequent levels of leadership.

Base Camp

A person in a new "lead position" needs to grasp the inherent differences, strengths and talents of individuals, and how those relate to success on the job.

Alpine Level

Successful managers value a broader organizational perspective and understand what motivates people and will engage them in complex projects and organizational change.

Summit Approach

Leaders at this level have more strategic responsibilities.


At the Summit, leaders are future-focused, authentic, servant leaders.

Leaders often find themselves in unchartered territory.

Whether it’s because of new growth, team members, external challenges, leaders default to the strategies we know only to find that the tools that have gotten them this far, aren’t as effective anymore.

Or, they know we need something “new”, and energetically introduce the latest trending “initiative” and just get further frustrated when the one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work.

We take a personal approach, to get to know you and your team, and develop a customized strategy, that addresses your needs, and equips you for new growth. We’ve developed the Leadership Journey, which identifies common challenges, and the needed skills for the different levels of leadership. During our On-boarding Process, we identify which level you and your team are on. From there, we recommend specific tools from our Essentials- Assessments, Coaching, Consulting and Training Workshops, and collaborate with you to map your development journey.

Leadership Levels

The Leadership Journey is a development program designed around the idea that individuals and teams can be structured into levels— Ground Level, Base Camp, Summit Approach, and Summit— which each present different challenges and require particular skills to be acquired, in order for individuals/teams to climb higher and reach their Summit. 

Leadership Essentials

We believe in the power of insightful questions. When we first begin the Leadership Journey, we don’t presume to know what you need – we test what you need, using a suite of industry-leading Assessments, and a few proprietary ones we’ve developed. From there, we create a right mix of Coaching, Consulting, and Training Workshops to vector your team and your organization for success.


We use proven industry techniques to assess your personal and organizational strengths and challenges.


Together, we build a plan for development coachingL I-Identify Goals, S-Shift Your Mindset, C-Create Your Path to Success


We create specific, prioritized recommendations and action plans with your goals and our experienced leadership and industry knowledge

Training Workshops

Engage and empower your leaders and employees with energizing training and tools for business.