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White Paper: Building Your Leadership Legacy

Leadership Journey Levels:


Most leaders do not think about their leadership legacy. They think a legacy is something for older people or something you leave when you die. Legacy is something handed down, usually a gift that has impact and a reputation. It is very possible a legacy is not "formally" recognized until after a person passes; however, just as you build your financial security to hand down to your family, you begin building your leadership legacy the day you begin leading - you have to be proactive.





Leaders cannot afford to overlook the importance of thoughtfully and purposefully creating their legacy now.


It is important that leaders identify the legacy they want to build. A person would not decide to build a home and just start building, randomly and wherever. The person would want their home to be in the right location, secure, safe, built with quality materials, a strong foundation... something that will outlast them...something that can be passed down and enjoyed by their children as well as their children. If a person would take so much thoughtful care to build a home, should leaders not take equal amounts of care to build their leadership legacy?






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