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Self Coaching Journey to Leadership Maturity - Emotional Intelligence

Leaders with Emotional Intelligence have developed a combination of self-awareness, self- management, social awareness, and relationship management that allows them to effectively identify and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others to enhance relationships and leadership effectiveness.

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If you missed the newsletters in this two part series: click here to learn about self-awareness and self-management and click here to explore the social awareness and relationship management components of this month's leadership maturity competency: Emotional Intelligence. 

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New Self-Coaching Program

We are also now offering you a way take your leadership development to the next level with our new program:  The Leadership Climb:  A Self Coaching Journey to Leadership Maturity.  This FREE self-coaching program will dive even deeper into that core competency theme and guide you each week to assess, plan, practice and reflect on your own leadership maturity in that area.  Click Here to Learn about how it works.

Click here if you missed the Emotional Intelligence Self Coaching Emails:

Part 1:

Click here for Week 1 - Assess 

Click here for Week 2 - Plan

Click here for Week 3 - Practice 

Click here for Week 4 - Reflect

Part 2:

Click here for Week 1 - Assess 

Click here for Week 2 - Plan

Click here for Week 3 - Practice 

Click here for Week 4 - Reflect

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