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Blog: TAGS Why You Should Invest In Your Millennials

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Entitled, lazy, self-absorbed, and spoiled are words I often hear about millennials. Millennials, myself included, would beg to differ. We see ourselves as ambitious, creative, passionate and risk-takers.

Millennials value purpose and passion in their careers and yes, they will go out looking for it. 44% of millennials say they will leave their current position within two years. It’s not because we’re not loyal enough, it’s because we are looking for a company that best fits our needs so that we can settle down and be loyal. 

MSBCoach is committed to partnering with leaders and teams to identify their True North.  One's true north includes living into your values, identifying what it means to you to be your authentic self, and practicing emotional intelligence.  Leadership, executive, and team coaching are effective ways to help leaders and their teams put these principles into practice.  We also offer engaging workshops in being an authentic leader, emotional intelligence, identifying your values, and many others.  You can check out our coaching processes and our list of workshops here.

In their careers, millennials are looking to be challenged and want growth in both their personal lives and professionally. 1 in 4 millennials want to be leaders. That means they want to work in an organization where they can move up the career path, have mentors and make an impact. And if they don’t see those things being possible, they will be out the door.

According to Forbes, millennials are the largest population in the workforce and 20% of millennials are already in leadership positions with that number expected to grow in 2018. In general, investing in your employees is important to the success of your organization. Right now, it’s even more important to invest in your millennials. In fact, 50% of millennials believe that their organization could do a better job of investing in them.

Millennials aren’t going anywhere, so it’s important to accept the fact that they are your organization’s next leaders and invest in them now for future success.

Understand that millennials don’t want to work against you, they want to work with you. Millennials like to collaborate and work in teams. They like challenges and taking risks, but need a mentor to guide them and a coach to be their partner to walk them through it. One of the things that millennials value most is feedback. Feedback helps millennials feel valued and gives them a chance to grow. Spend time providing them with both good and bad feedback.

One misconception is that millennials are so entitled because they think they should be given everything. That is not completely true. Yes, we were told that we can do and have anything we wanted, but we are also willing to work for it. Millennials are passionate, optimistic and believe that they can make a difference. It’s important to invest in them to provide them with the tools so that they can succeed.

Millennials don’t just expect change because they think they deserve it, they expect them because they believe it’s possible and want the best outcome for themselves and their organizations.  Millennials come with new ideas and fresh perspectives, so hear them out. Their ideas may not always work, but if you listen to them and coach them, together you can create success.

I’m not sure where it originated from, but one of my favorite stories is this: CFO - “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave the company?” CEO “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

There is a chance that millennials will leave your organization within a few years. However, if you invest in them, there is a greater chance that they will stay. Either way, they will help your organization succeed if you give them the opportunity to support them and invest in their development.

Are you a millennial that has any experiences or thoughts on the importance of organizations investing in you? Or do you work directly with millennials? What thoughts do you have? We would love to hear your comments below.

MSBCoach offers Millennial Coaching (I am proud to say that I am one of them) to specifically work with millennial leaders, millennial team members and leaders that have a team of millennials. To learn more about millennials in the workplace, watch our webinar and stay tuned for our Facebook Live discussion on March 22nd at 1:00pm EST. For more information on how to invest in your millennials, you can reach out to me directly at


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