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Blog: Visionary Leadership

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There is always a great deal of conversation at the beginning of a new year about “casting the vision” or “leading the vision” and then it seems to fade into the background until the next year. A Visionary Leader carries and models the vision daily and in every action. As you begin this year remember these things about your role as a Visionary Leader:

  • Find creative ways to constantly “re-cast” the vision in your communications, interactions, and meetings. Studies show that employees are more engaged when they have clarity and they are connected to the vision of the organization.

  • Remember you are the model of the vision. Are you living the core values daily? The leader must be the moral compass of the company. Your every action and interaction should be reflective of the vision and mission statements.

  • Be a good steward of the resources. Don’t be miserly with money or people. And don’t be a leader that overindulges. If your folks know the vision and are connected to it, they will support your decisions when it comes to resources. They will also be good stewards if you have created the culture for it.

  • When things get tough, point to the vision. People will give extra effort in hard times when they believe in the vision. This is also a time when you must be personally visible and communicating often.

  • Connect the need for change to the vision. Involve everyone. During times of change, the vision becomes even more important. Be straightforward about the changes needed. If the changes are grounded in the vision and mission of the company, people will get it. If you have made them part of the vision, they will be part of the change.

Visionary Leaders are always looking forward. They learn from the past but don’t live there. Visionary Leaders are bold and positive. They are builders of tomorrow. People want to follow them because they captivate the imagination and adventure of others.

The year lies ahead. Trust yourself and others will trust you. Build a bold vision and then go after it! You will have many who will go with you.


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