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Blog: A Veteran's Day Reflection on Leadership in the Military

My life experiences forced me on to a path to understanding myself and how my actions and an aptitude for leadership could influence and impact others. The United States Air Force molded these early abilities into fine-tuned leadership skills.

The Air Force immediately broke me down to nothing during basic training, stripping any class or status that I felt that I held prior to joining. They then built me up emotionally and mentally to be a disciplined and well-trained leader who could be trusted to work on aircraft worth millions of dollars. For the next 20 years, the military put me in various leadership roles to perfect my craft. Although I had a job and a specialty, the underlying core purpose was to make me a leader.

As the world is dynamic, so has been my leadership journey. I continue to learn more about who I am. The Air Force allowed me to a gain a better understanding of myself under the most stressful and critical situations and, most importantly, I’ve learned that leadership is nothing without the trust of a team.

Throughout the 243-year history of the United States, many great achievements have been made. Many great people have sacrificed to forge a nation built upon diversity, sacrifice, hard work, and a common love for each other and the freedoms that we all hold so dear. These freedoms are anything but free. The sacrifices of our Veterans cover the price of participation and their sacrifice for you and me is leadership beyond measure. Our Veterans are leading our country in a continuous quest inherited from our forefathers to form a more perfect union. Our Veterans put our nation before themselves to keep the vision alive for generations to come. From one veteran to all those who have served and sacrificed, thank you for your leadership.

Thank you for your service.

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