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Tim Smith, PCC

Industry Experience & Specializations

Insurance and Financial Services industry
Retirement Communities


B.S. - Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Coaching Certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC (International Coach Federation)
  • Essential Facilitation (Interaction Associates)
  • Human Performance Improvement (Association for Talent Development)
  • Facilitation experience:
    • communication, conflict, interpersonal skills, teamwork
    • strategic planning
    • decision making/problem solving meetings (design & facilitation)
  • Coaching
    • Executives
    • Executive/Senior Leadership Teams
    • VP level
    • new-to-role leaders
    • high-potential employees
    • leadership performance turnarounds
  • Consulting work
    • Strategic planning and implementation
    • culture integration and value alignment
    • Interview-based 360s


At heart, Tim Smith is a perceptive and analytical solver of problems, who is deeply motivated to make a difference. Tim works as a coach, facilitator, and consultant and has over 20 years of wide-ranging, learning & development experience. 

As a coach, Tim does his best work with analytical thinkers who want to: 

- develop more empathy and raise their emotional intelligence

- improve their communication and interpersonal skills

- reduce their stress and indecision. 

Tim creates a safe, supportive environment founded on deep compassion and respect. He listens closely, and asks the questions you wouldn’t ask yourself. He encourages commitment and supports accountability, moving clients consistently toward the changes they want to create for themselves. 

As a facilitator, Tim uses a friendly and interactive style and quickly builds rapport with participants. Even his training sessions and speaking engagements are interactive. He often weaves in personal stories of success and failure that apply to the topic or situation. 

Tim has a strong background in helping organizations: identify and align with their core values, plan and implement strategy, and enhance team performance. He’s also skilled at conducting interview-based 360s. 

When he isn’t working, Tim enjoys time at home and with family. He is an avid hiker and backpacker who loves dogs and mountains. 

Three words someone else would use to describe me:
Insightful, Analytical, Compassionate

I consider a day a success if:
I have contributed meaningfully to the greater good.

Favorite Quote:
“The two biggest barriers to good decision making are your ego and your blind spots. Together, they make it difficult for you to objectively see what is true about you and your circumstances and to make the best possible decisions by getting the most out of others.”
—Ray Dalio, in Principles