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Workshop: Values-Based Leadership

Leadership Journey Levels:

Leaders who exhibit high standards of integrity and take ownership of their behaviors and actions are values-based leaders. Values-based leadership is rooted in self-awareness. Leaders hold to their values as an anchor for personal and professional decisions. Values-based leaders strive to be authentic. Their inner compass helps guide their true north to appreciate and balance their extrinsic motivators with their intrinsic motivators. Values-based leaders lead with an understanding and appreciation of their life story. They understand how their story makes them unique and lead out of passion. They identify and value a group of people who have shared principles to obtain affirmation, advice, perspective, and call for a course of correction when needed. Through this process, their lives become grounded and integrated giving them the true influence to empower others to become values-based leaders.

Through this experience, leaders will:

  • Increase their understanding of how their personal values and principles impact their decisions, behaviors, preferences, and their worldview.
  • Recognize and understand their inner compass
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of their life story
  • Identify their support circle

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