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Workshop: The Coaching Culture Experience

Coaching is simply showing up with a beginner’s mindset that is curious to listen, ask questions, share observations, and learn from another’s point of view.  Ultimately, creating partnership to TOGETHER discover the best path forward.    

The Coaching Culture Experience is a unique and engaging experience. All three Experiences build on each other and create the “Leaders Who Coach Experience” as well as lay the groundwork to instill a culture of coaching (The Coaching Culture Experience) in the organization.  Experience I can be a standalone to help leaders and team members create a coaching culture for all or leaders and team members can go on to complete Experience II and III.  Each Experience concludes with the participant creating an action plan for moving forward.   

The Coaching Culture (Experience I) provides clarity on what coaching looks and sounds like.  It also discusses the advantages of a coaching culture in the workplace. The importance of trust as a foundation is emphasized. Participants learn the ISC coaching model and multiple coaching skills they can use immediately and walk away with an action plan to apply what they have learned.  The focus of Experience I is trust, listening and being curious.

Competency Level: All levels

Leaders Who Coach (Experience II) focuses on enhancing a leader’s self-awareness around their coaching style (through completing the Coaching Mindset Index Assessment) and listening skills. Participants delve deeper into the ISC coaching model introduced in Experience I, including opportunities to practice the model and increase their confidence in using the model outside of the learning environment. A customized action plan is created to apply learnings, set goals, establish support and accountability.

Competency Level: Alpine, Summit Approach, The Summit

Creating a Vision (Experience III) emphasizes a leader’s role in creating a coaching culture by supporting them in learning more about who they are (through completing Emergenetics) and how they show up as a coaching leader (Refer to CMI from Experience II). Participants will create a base line and evaluate their progress toward creating a culture of coaching.  A main goal is to be able to solidify a vision and create realistic, actionable steps to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. The ISC coaching model and skills learned in the previous workshops will be utilized to finalize how to move forward to see results.

Competency Level: The Summit

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