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Workshop: The Authentic Leader

Authentic leadership is rooted in one’s own self-awareness of who they are and how their origins and early life experiences have impacted and shaped their values and perspectives. Authentic leaders are in tune with themselves and those around them and naturally attract others to want to work with them. The Authentic Leader experience is typically done in a retreat type setting and is designed to develop and increase genuine authentic leadership. It is self-reflective and interactive. Everyone is learning and growing together.

Through this experience, leaders will gain:

  • An understanding of Authentic Leadership and what it means to them
  • The value of their inner compass to identify and understand their own true north
  • Self-discovery and heightened self-awareness
  • Knowledge of their natural strengths and how to channel them into effective leadership
  • Reconnection with their passion in ways that will revitalize their personal and professional relationships and decisions
  • A new sense of freedom through being their true self across all areas of their life
  • A support team to empower them to grow beyond what you can be on your own
  • Knowledge of how their life story affects their leadership
  • An understanding of their personal values and principles and how they lead according to them
  • A working familiarity of how they are motivated intrinsically and extrinsically
  • The ability to empower others to become authentic leaders

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