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Workshop: Living into Authentic Leadership Presence

Leadership Journey Levels:


You do not need to be an executive to work on and to hold leadership presence.  When you are in the presence of a person who is:

  • confident yet sincere and warm,
  • comfortable in their own skin,
  • knows when to speak and not to speak,
  • listens well,
  • speaks with clarity,
  • has passion for what they do,
  • builds trust,
  • brings a realm of openness to the room, and
  • is poised from their body posture and non-verbal language to the way they are dressed…

…then you are in the presence of someone who has “leadership presence”.  

In this session, we will:

  • break down each of the nine qualities of Leadership Presence
  • explore techniques to create your own personal and authentic leadership presence

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