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Workshop: Leading and Influencing Through Change Management

Change can be challenging to all personality types, especially if the change was not “your idea”. In our fast-paced world and virtual world, change is not going away. If anything, change is becoming more of a daily occurrence. In this session we discuss the importance and value of ways for leaders practice self-care and to support their team members during the change process. The success of the change is directly linked to how those impacted by the change perceive their leadership's involvement and concern. In this session we use Prosci’s ADKAR model for change management. The ADKAR model is a results-oriented change management tool that is simple and easy to understand, yet highly effective for managers and change management teams. We receive more calls for information about this model than any other. It is used as a resistance management tool, an assessment device, and to help change management teams organize their work. This model helps answer questions like:

  • Why is communication so important during change?
  • Why do employees resist change?
  • Why do executive business leaders need to be active and visible sponsors of change?
  • Why do employees become stressed and distracted from day-to-day work?
  • How can I find the barrier point to change, and manage employee or management resistance?
  • Why should front-line supervisors be active in coaching employees during change?
  • Is leading change with remote team members different from in person?
This series is designed to show how ADKAR can be used to diagnose the root cause for resistance, focus communications, and identify the barrier points to change. We will also provide case studies to show how ADKAR can help transform a resistant employee or manager into an advocate for change and build change competency.

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