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Workshop: Inspiring, Valuing and Engaging Millennials as Leaders, Team Members, Colleagues and Direct Reports

Our workforce currently has five generations working side by side. Although there are many similarities, there are also different motivations, experiences, skills, and contributions to leverage.

Millennials, the largest population group, are quickly moving into more senior and leadership roles. The shifts we are seeing in the workplace can be a big adjustment to previous generations, and yet it is imperative that we better understand each other’s perspectives and learn to work together effectively.

Embracing a shift in thinking can often unlock the inherent potential of an organization and relieve frustration that may be occurring in all generational groups. This half-day session will dive into the experiences and perspectives that drive Millennials and help to identify actionable ways to better motivate and work with Millennials to leverage their strengths for the benefit of our organizations.

In this session we will explore:

  • Foundation First: Generational Cohorts Overview
  • What Drives Millennials?
  • Leveraging Our Strengths for Common Purpose
  • Rethinking how work gets DONE!
  • Reciprocal Mentorship and Relationships
  • Effective Feedback Loops
  • What can we change today?

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