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Workshop: Giving and Receiving Feedback Within A Foundation of Trust

This is one workshop you do not want to miss. Have you ever given or received feedback and it did not turn out at all the way you expected? In this workshop we will explore the HOME feedback model designed by MSBCoach for self-evaluation and giving feedback to others. This model is a powerful and useful tool in leadership and life for giving and receiving feedback in a safe manner. HOME is where we are safe and centered.  The HOME model is most successful when trust is present.  HOME is an acronym that is defined below:

  • H - Hunch - a hunch is a feeling or guess based upon your observation rather than the known facts (or another's facts/feelings)
  • O - Outcome - what was the outcome for you in this engagement
  • M - Moving Forward - what outcome would you like to keep the same or change moving forward based upon your hunch 
  • E - Elements - remember the specific elements or details of the situation, including when, where, and why the encounter happened. The elements are the foundation and framework of using HOME and are especially important to share at the beginning of the conversation to make sure everyone is on the same page

There are several ways to engage the HOME model in your leadership. You can use it to observe yourself as a leader and to work with your team, colleagues, and boss. We will take a deeper dive into:

  • using the HOME model
  • the importance of “asking permission” to share feedback
  • being specific
  • asking questions to learn
  • discussing how to use the model effectively in your leadership
  • the importance of balancing, reinforcing, as well as redirecting feedback.

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