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Workshop: Giving and Receiving Feedback Using the SBI Model

This is one workshop you do not want to miss. Have you ever given or received feedback and it did not turn out at all the way you expected? In this workshop we will explore the SBI feedback model. This model is a powerful and useful tool in leadership and life for giving and receiving feedback in a safe manner. SBI is a model designed by the Center for Creative Leadership for self-evaluation and giving feedback to others. SBI is an acronym that is defined below:

  • Situation: Describe the situation where the observed behavior occurred.
  • Behavior: Describe the person’s behavior (or your behavior) – physical, observable action.
  • Impact: Share with the person (or yourself) the impact of their behavior on you and others present.

There are several ways to engage the SBI model in your leadership. You can use it to observe yourself as a leader, work with your team, colleagues and boss. In this workshop we will take a deeper dive into using the SBI model, the importance of “asking permission”, being specific, ask questions to learn and discuss how to use it effectively in your leadership.

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