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Workshop: Emerging Executive Experience

Build your legacy by investing in your current and future executive leadership.

Out of self-awareness, true leaders emerge. The Emerging Executive Experience (E3) is designed to develop leaders from the inside-out. This is not a theory class. Emerging executives train with successful entrepreneurs and executives who coach and mentor them in self-leadership and developing high-performance teams. This is real-life, real-time training, producing immediate results.  

Through E3, you will swiftly experience return on investment. This experience is designed to deliver results that not only benefit the participants directly (personally and professionally), they in turn help to increase the level of success for their organization. Participants gain an integrated perspective and are more successful by practicing outcome-oriented assignments, focusing on emotional intelligence, building trust, managing challenging situations/people, listening, and coaching skills, gaining commitment, effective communication, conflict management, an ownership mentality, and much more.

Leaders will explore how to:   

  • Tap into your company‚Äôs leadership potential.
  • Re-ignite your business and attract ideal clients
  • Develop and retain the best talent to meet your goals.

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