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Workshop: Conversational Oxygen: The 5 Elements of Pro-Active Conversations

Leadership Journey Levels:

The biggest challenge with communication is the illusion that it has taken place – George Bernard Shaw. The breakdown of communication and misunderstandings are amongst the biggest challenges in teams. In this session, we will discuss and explore ways to have more meaningful pro-active conversations vs reactive conversations. We call this Conversational Oxygen (TM). When the skills we explore in this session are embraced, it will make every aspect of your life better... professional as well as personal. We will cover the 5 Elements of Conversational Oxygen and it all begins with trust as the foundation:

  1. Compound Listening or Listening between the lines
  2. Practice curiosity
  3. Inspire and embrace critical thinking
  4. Create partnership
  5. Add value

Come to this class prepared to interact and bring at least one challenging situation you are currently working through and are willing to discuss in this session. Your situation can be personal or professional. All conversations will be held with double confidentiality.

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