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Workshop: Communication That Works

Communication That Works: Effective and Efficient are not Synonymous 

The key to effective leadership and professional relationships is effective communication.  If you are talking and no one is listening or understanding, you are not communicating.  It has been said, “You cannot not communicate.” Knowing the difference between intention and impact play a significant role in effective communication.   

Effective communication is vital to a leader’s role and to the success of a team. We may recognize good communication when we see, hear, and experience it but it can be difficult to identify all the components that make up that good communication. Once we identify those components, how do we apply and leverage them?

In this session we will: 

  • Collectively define effective communication
  • Discuss the platinum rule of communicating differently to different people
  • Exploring different types of communication.
  • Discuss the difference between efficient and effective communication
  • Identify the difference between intention and impact 
  • Identify how assumptions, preferences, and biases impact our communication
  • Set standards for communication
  • Share best practices for creating a strategy
  • Create a communication strategy that fits you, your team and your culture

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