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Workshop: Coaching and Leading for High Levels of Performance

Note: This session can be completed as one workshop in three half-day sessions or as three separate stand-alone workshops for specific groups.

PERFORMANCE101: Creating a Performance Plan

A high performing organization depends on continually identifying, developing, and improving skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are necessary for the individual and organization’s growth. An ideal performance plan or a review should be an engaging conversation between the leader and team member. This conversation helps to establish ownership, commitment, and buy-in to the performance plan. It is also crucial to establish and maintain a joint planning and communication process between the leader and the team member that focuses on what the team member is expected to accomplish during the performance period. The leader needs to ensure that the team member’s performance is evaluated in terms of measurable results and to describe how these results are achieved. Through consensus building and level-setting, leaders will identify all the necessary components of a strong performance plan. Lastly, leaders will be provided with tools and resources to create a plan and explore how to implement the plan on an on-going process and not just a one and done meeting.

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