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Workshop: Building a High-Performing Team

High performing teams begin with engaged leadership. The MSBCoach approach is to focus on leadership first then work through the team’s leadership to develop HP Teams. We believe in the Lencioni model of building a high functioning team. The foundation of a high performing team is trust. We work with leaders and their teams to discover where they are in trust, what they are doing well, and what is missing. Trust, or lack thereof, is felt in the organizational atmosphere. We use human behavior and emotional intelligence tools as a part of this process to support participants to better value themselves, those they work with, and to build healthy working relationships.

The next step is to create an environment within the culture for effective communication and conflict management. We work with the team to collectively create communication expectations, define roles, define the atmosphere desired, and engage in challenging, energizing conversations when necessary. We explore how to use self-awareness and social awareness learned in trust building to have healthy communication and come to mutually beneficial resolutions.

In this next section, we work through goal setting and conversations that lead to accountability. It is important for HP teams to be accountable to one another and not just to the “boss”. We take what we have learned in the previous sections to create accountability within the team culture. When each person has aired their concerns and worked through their thoughts, they are more committed and more likely to hold themselves and their team members accountable to the results.

Lastly, we reach results… and not just any results. Through this process, we achieve the highest results where everyone is on board. This produces a high performing team.

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