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One of the most effective places to create a competitive advantage, is right at your fingertips...start with your team.

Employees are the core of every organization. Engaging them as an essential resource-- motivating, energizing, and focusing them for the work you do together is the best strategy to increase productivity and profitability and ensure your organization's future success.

"In partnership with MSBCoach, we have worked to create unique coaching and leadership solutions to help our employees grow and develop, and thus also helping to achieve our company’s strategic goals.”-- Ashleigh Owens, Human Resources Business Partner, LexisNexis

When would I want a Team Coach?

Most organizations have teams and team leaders, but still they aren’t as successful as they need to be for all sorts of reasons. Just as coaching is seen as an investment for maximizing employee talent, team coaching improves team performance. If you are going to help individuals, you have to help the teams.

Team building v. team coaching

Team building is about creating bonding opportunities and team spirit, often it aids new appreciation for each other, but this isn’t always sustainable. The spirit may not last. Training can be like this too. We have all attended trainings then walked in to work the following day and not been consistent with the new concepts, sometimes they don’t even get off the ground.

Opportunities that indicate you may want to employ a Team Coach:

  • High performing teams that can still go the extra mile
  • Poor performing or burnt out teams
  • The Organization undergoing change
  • Specific tasks/projects
  • Teams that are showing destructive traits that may include: gossip, bullying, conflict
  • Performance issues with internal or external clients/relations
  • Virtual teams
  • Newly formed team from diverse groups
  • Maximizing individual talents, knowing how to create a sustainable team.

How will I know team coaching has worked?

  • Better results
  • Sustainable teams
  • Inspired teams
  • Challenges are no longer halting progress
  • Increased ROI
Group and team coaching both involve individual reflection, partner work and group work so that people are learning and developing their leadership skills together and from each other. MSBC partners with you to facilitate group and team coaching based on the needs of your organization.

Ground Level

This sets the foundation for all subsequent levels of leadership.

Base Camp

A person in a new "lead position" needs to grasp the inherent differences, strengths and talents of individuals, and how those relate to success on the job.

Alpine Level

Successful managers value a broader organizational perspective and understand what motivates people and will engage them in complex projects and organizational change.

Summit Approach

Leaders at this level have more strategic responsibilities.


At the Summit, leaders are future-focused, authentic, servant leaders.

We take a personal approach, to get to know you and your team, and develop a customized strategy, that addresses your needs, and equips you for new growth. We’ve developed the Leadership Journey, which identifies common challenges, and the needed skills for the different levels of leadership. During our On-boarding Process, we identify which level you and your team are on. From there, we recommend specific tools from our Essentials- Assessments, Coaching, Consulting and Training Workshops, and collaborate with you to map your development journey.

A few of our clients

MSBCoach was built with a commitment to develop leaders and future leaders. Since 2009, MSBCoach has partnered with individuals and organizations in the Charlottesville, VA area and around the world to provide the highest quality coaching and training.