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The Leadership Journey

To exist at the summit means to have grasped the skills of authentic leadership. It is future focused. It understands the importance of people-based servant leadership. It goes well beyond numbers and strategies and dwells on what it will take to sustain success, excellence and innovation in the future. It means seeing engaged and empowered employees as not simply a "nice-to-do", but as a "business imperative" for being a market leader. Nurturing employee and leader development is viewed as critical, even knowing that some great people will ultimately leave the organization.


Authentic Leadership

Become more organized, manage your time better, and polish up on problem solving. Learn how to delegate better, and hold others accountable.

People Champion

Understand how to manage diversity and promote inclusivity. Learn how to transform conflicts, creating stronger teams.

Idea Champion

Moving from the one who brings the ideas to the table to lead others to generate and take ownership of their ideas.

Visionary Leadership

How do you steward resources?

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“There were things I already knew but this class gave me refreshers on excellent customer service and how emotional intelligence plays an integral and vital part in our daily interactions internally and externally”