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Organizations that put the time and effort into the strategic planning process, expect it to transform their organization into their vision for the future. However, a lot of what we call "strategic planning" ends in stagnation with abandoned strategic plan documents that did little to align, engage or create organizational change.

We take a different approach. Real strategic planning is an opportunity to think creatively about what's possible, develop stronger leaders and teams, and define the values and plans to get there. Our team at MSBCoach is comprised of leaders with extensive experience, from a number of different industry backgrounds. We identify the best fit for your organization and bring a team to navigate this important strategic planning process with your leadership.

The process is elegantly simple and is facilitated to intentionally align and engage your organization around the mission at hand. We help your organization build a strong vision and define clear goals, develop powerful communication vehicles-- a strategy map, shift charts and work plans, and establish a foundation of stronger leaders and teams better equipped to implement the plan. We help you build a lasting plan and equip you with the tools and processes to keep it relevant and actionable year after year.

logo figureonly-e1384741206165MSBCoach Assessment and Strategy™ helps you clearly define your structure, vision, mission and goals. We use the following tools to trouble shoot, problem solve, achieve improved efficiency, and enhance capabilities:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Balanced Scorecard