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Case Study: Individual 360 evaluation


A senior leader at a large federal government agency hired MSBC to coach him based on previous successful engagements with the organization and the validity of the tools and assessments we use. Although he had seen much success, the 360 evaluation conducted identified a need to work on relationship building with his team to overcome their intimidation of him.


Having had Long term military career, as he transitioned into a civilian role, it was important to also transition his directive leadership approach to a more inspiring and coaching style.

With the help of his coach, he began by reflecting on people that he respects, values and has a strong relationship with, he narrowed in how those relationships were created and how trust and loyalty were won. As that information was translated into the workplace, he has been able to create and follow a plan to build relationships.


He admits that at first, he was only ‘checking the box’, but he has since found that he is enjoying learning more about his team. He has seen his team become more engaged and bought-in, and he was still able remaining true to his personality. Both his ongoing commitment and his own increased engagement have been keys to seeing more success his and his team’s efforts.

** This can have no attribution to the organization or his position (diversity)

Client: sr. level leader at NGA
Organization: federal govt.
Date/Timeframe: 4 yrs
Number of Participants and Levels: highlight leader

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