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Case Study: Corporate Leadership Development


A local government organization asked MSBCoach to co-develop a leadership development program. This program was to be focused on key upper middle management and developing them into executive leaders.


Through a series of MSBC-led facilitated sessions with senior leaders and influencers from all parts of the organization, the key program topics were defined as:

  • Transition: Bridging the gap from manager to leader
  • Authentic Leadership: leading out of values and passions
  • Team Leadership: building trust and buy-in to create engagement and ownership
  • Organizational Leadership- focusing on vision and strategy
  • Succession Planning: developing these participants for specific promotions

To accomplish these objectives MSBC developed a 9 month program that included the pairing training development workshops (1/2 day classes that were interactive and included small group projects; individual work; reading assignments); and individual coaching for every participant.


Of the over 45 leaders (in two cohorts) completed this program, about 15% of the leaders have been promoted to senior / executive levels and another were 25% promoted to higher levels. Our client reported that leaders are more fulfilled and passionately committed to the organization. They found that many teams were more effective and in were working toward the larger vision - not just their own area.

MSBC was proud to receive a leadership excellence award for program development and execution, but more important to us are some of fantastic accomplishments of our participants:

  • One person working to find her executive voice – specifically when and how to speak up and overcome fear – did just that and was able to get the things they wanted for themselves and their team. Not only did she overcome fear and reduce frustration, but she increased her credibility and earned a promotion.

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