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Assessement: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The key to successful leadership and strong teams is communication. The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is a tool that can be used to achieve effective and productive communication. People receive, process, and act upon information differently. If you understand their preferences and then communicate in a way that they understand, chances are you will not only get what you expected, but those with whom you communicate will feel good about how they received and acted on your communication. Here is how MBTI benefits leaders:

  • Provides insights into the best way to coach employees
  • Builds a management framework that affirms differences and allows for them
  • Identifies the rewards and motivators for individuals based on their preferences and not rules and regulations
  • Explains how different preferences approach goal setting, problem solving and decision making
  • Maximizes a team’s diversity in order to reach more useful and insightful conclusions

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