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Assessement: FourSight® Thinking Profile

FourSight combines the science of creative problem solving with the surprising discovery of thinking preferences. It can help individuals and groups

  • Increase collaboration
  • Be more effective problem solvers
  • Lead more effective teams
  • Reduce conflict 
  • Deliver more innovative solutions

FourSight measures your preference for the four types of thinking necessary for complex problem solving. Because the assessment connects directly to the creative problem solving process, it leaves people with a clear understanding of where they bring energy to a group and how to be a stronger problem solver, team player, and collaborator. It also gives them a greater understanding of others who may take a different approach to problem solving. 

For teams, it offers strategic insight into where they’re likely to get stuck and how they can perform better.

The FourSight Thinking Profile is a self-assessment that consists of 36 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete.



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