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Assessement: EQ in Action

Emotional Intelligence does not exist apart from relationships. We are created, developed, and sustained in relationship throughout our lives. Our brain and our emotional competencies develop in relationship. As adults, our emotional intelligence is dynamic. Most of us run the gamut of being emotionally smart to dumb depending upon the situation and the stress we are under.

This tool provides individuals with a profile of their basic internalized relational map that has been developed through life experience from infancy to this moment. The report profiles an individual’s relationship strategies in different difficult contexts.

Rather than self-report about what a person thinks they would do, this tool places individuals in a real situation as they watch several video segments where someone is talking directly to them. They are asked to track their own experience as they watch the video and attend to what the individual talking to them must be experiencing. Individuals are then given about fifty words and statements for each video segment and are asked to rate the degree the word or statement fits their actual experience now.

An EQ profile report is created based upon their reported experience. The tool provides a “snapshot view” of how an individual uses his or her emotional competence in various stressful situations.

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