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Assessement: AVA Behavioral Assessment System

The AVA Behavioral Assessment System was developed more than 50 years ago and has been used successfully by many organizations for measuring the compatibility of individuals to a specific job. A critical factor in building and maintaining an engaged workforce includes having the right people in the right jobs. Studies show that poor job fit contributes to lower engagement, lower job satisfaction and lower productivity.

The AVA is recommended as a pre-hire assessment. It may be taken online on in a paper version, and is available in a variety of languages. It measures several of an individual’s key behavioral attributes and ties them to the needs of a specific opening or position. The easy-to-read report shares valuable insights on a job candidate or employee based on decades of research on job fit. Benefits of using the tool include improved interviews, better hiring decisions and reduced turnover. The results can also help in defining training and coaching strategies aimed at helping each employee excel in his or her work.


  • Job related. AVA was developed specifically for the needs of the workplace. It assesses workplace behaviors, job activities, and the fit between them. The Job Activity Rating identifies strong candidates for success and for providing managers with a meaningful framework for improving performance and productivity.
  • Dynamic. AVA reveals how individuals will act in a variety of situations: person to person, person to job, job to job.
  • Comprehensive. AVA’s format provides insights into the full range of predictable behaviors, including the extent of a person’s behavioral tendencies, his or her commitment to a behavior style, his or her flexibility in the face of situational challenges, and the relationship of behavioral tendencies to one another.
  • Highly accurate and reliable. Ongoing research and development assure that AVA results are valid across a wide range of industries, job descriptions, and employment levels.

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