Talent Management

What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Talent Management

Leaders in organizations of all sizes understand, people are our single greatest resource.  There are clear bottom-line benefits to having an effective, integrated talent management strategy which is created upon a foundation of the broader business goals and objectives.  An effective talent management strategy will ensure that critical roles are understood, key people are identified and your future stars are acknowledged, managed, engaged, motivated, empowered and retained.

In this webinar:

  • We'll introduce the MSBConsult Talent Management Framework and its components.  
  • We’ll take a closer look at how these components work together and the critical aspects of each of the pieces in the framework.
  • We'll explore the keys to transforming your own organizations approach to your most important resource… your people.

About the Author

Stasia Rice

Stasia Rice

Stasia is an organizational development consultant and leadership coach committed to developing leaders and helping to improve the programs that impact the employees in their organizations. Stasia partners with leaders to define your goals, assess the barriers, and clear the path to effective change that leads to real value.

Stasia has spent most of her career serving clients in the DHS and DOD branches of the federal government through top management consulting firms like Deloitte and IBM. Whether it is supporting the development of programs, creating strategic communications, refining business processes, or developing strategic plans, Stasia enjoys being able to use her creativity and problem solving skills to exceed expectations with her clients.  It's in coaching that she is able to connect the pieces of human behavior, leadership competencies and accountability to help leaders live into their strengths and lead their organizations effectively.

In her roles as leader, coach, and consultant, Stasia’s imperative is to work with leaders, teams and organizations to enable them to elevate their game by creating engagement and promoting strategic and efficient results in their organizations. She believes strongly that it is at the intersection of inspired leadership and well-oiled machines that organizations and their employees thrive.

Stasia is also proud to hold the role of wife and mother to three young boys and two dogs. Outside of work you’ll find her using her creativity through painting, diy/home renovation and all things crafty. She hails from the cornfields of Illinois and proudly holds a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois, but has called Virginia home for the past 13 years.

Proudest Professional Achievement and Why?
Taking a break, assessing my passions and strengths and ultimately leaving corporate for entrepreneurship.

Proudest Personal Achievement and Why?
My three boys are pretty incredible little people, I’m seriously proud to be their momma. Also, surviving the times I’ve stayed home to care for them full-time.

Three words someone else would use to describe me:
creative, care-giver, resourceful

I consider a day a success if:
I’ve managed to balance all the aspects of my life: home and family, work and self-care.

The toughest challenge I’ve ever faced is:
Running a half-marathon – not the race as much as (mostly) staying dedicated to the training for it!

Favorite Quote:
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau