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    5: Summit Essentials

LMM-labels 20Level 5: Summit Essentials

To exist at the summit means to have grasped the skills of authentic leadership. It is future focused. It understands the importance of people-based servant leadership. It goes well beyond numbers and strategies and dwells on what it will take to sustain success, excellence and innovation in the future. It means seeing engaged and empowered employees as not simply a "nice-to-do", but as a "business imperative" for being a market leader. Nurturing employee and leader development is viewed as critical, even knowing that some great people will ultimately leave the organization.



  • Authentic Leadership. Become more organized, manage your time better, and polish up on problem solving. Learn how to delegate better, and hold others accountable.
  • People Champion. Understand how to manage diversity and promote inclusivity. Learn how to transform conflicts, creating stronger teams.
  • Idea Champion.
  • Visionary Leadership.How do you steward resources?
  • Passion. Become more confident and composed.


Training Workshops

  • Art of Possibility
  • Authentic Life
  • Balanced Score Card
  • COACH301: Leader as Coach - 2 Day Clinic
  • COMM301: Strategic Communication
  • Creating New Paradigms
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team for Executives
  • Innovation Tournament
  • Is Innovation a Culture or a Person?
  • The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*)
  • Lincoln on Leadership
  • Listening: the Superior Leadership Key
  • Living and Leading in a World of VUCA
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Power Thinking
  • Rock Wall Climbing Experience
  • The Vineyard Leadership Experience
  • Trust-Based Leadership
  • Wellness in the Workplace & the Bottom Line

The Art of Possibility
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As leaders we all get “stuck” from time to time. This session teaches breakthrough practices for creativity in all human enterprises. This inspirational session explores a synthesis of Rosamund Stone Zander’s knowledge of cutting-edge psychology and Benjamin Zander’s experiences as the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. You will be infused with the energy as we take a deeper look into how to be a mover and shaker, teacher, and communicator as well as how to create innovative paradigms for personal and professional fulfillment. Learn the deep sense of the powerful role that the notion of possibility can play in every aspect of our professional and personal lives.
Authentic Life
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The Authentic Life program is a series of 6 sessions designed to develop genuine leadership with perceptive self-awareness, true ability to empower others and create sustainable organizations. What you will take away from these dynamic and interactive group sessions:

  • An understanding of Authentic Leadership and what it means to you
  • Self-discovery and heightened self-awareness
  • Knowledge of your natural strengths and how to channel them into effective leadership
  • Reconnection with your passion in ways that will revitalize your business relationships and decisions
  • A new sense of freedom through being your true self across all areas of your life
  • A support team to empower you to grow beyond what you can be on your own
  • Knowledge of how your life story affects your leadership
  • An understanding of your personal values and principles and how you lead according to them
  • A working familiarity of how you are motivated intrinsically and extrinsically
  • The ability to empower others to become authentic leaders
Balanced Score Card
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The Balanced Scorecard translates a company’s vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures. The four perspectives of the scorecard–financial measures, customer knowledge, internal business processes, and learning and growth–offer a balance between short-term and long-term objectives, between outcomes desired and performance drivers of those outcomes, and between hard objective measures and softer, more subjective measures. In the first part, Kaplan and Norton provide the theoretical foundations for The Balanced Scorecard; in the second part, they describe the steps organizations must take to build their own Scorecards; and, finally, they discuss how The Balanced Scorecard can be used as a driver of change.
COACH301: Leader as Coach - 2 Day Clinic
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The MSBCoaching Institute (MSBCI) is a 2 day clinic where executives, managers, and HR professionals and leaders learn crucial coaching skills and competencies. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process and how to use it as a leadership tool. This certificate program is an ICF-certified program based on the Corporate Coach U model.


Get tickets to our next clinic: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/msbcoaching-institute-tickets-36073619166

Communications 301: Strategic Communication
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The cornerstone that builds an organization is based on a good communication strategy that you must speak to your customers and employees. A high quality high impact communication strategy will ensure good relationships with your clients, thus, promoting long term productivity and business growth. With your employees it will create a sense of transparency and a higher level of trust. In this workshop we will:

  • Identify the “interferences” of a good communication
  • Set standards for how you will communicate
  • Share best practices for creating a strategy
  • Create a strategy that fits your culture and reaches your intended customer
Creating New Organizational Paradigms
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This workshop is designed to catalyze participant reflection on the styles and types of thinking they engage in. The course presents a challenge to the habits and patterns of observation and personal behavioral templates. It first presents the latest and most comprehensive review of what we know stimulates alternative perspectives that lead to innovation. The neurobiology of left and right brain thinking is exposed through self-assessment instruments and exercises. Whether it is a need for a new business strategy or collaborating about a difficult situation, or simply enriching one’s perspective and openness to new ideas, this course will shake the participants out of their traditional ways of perceiving and collaborating.
5 Dysfunctions of a Team for Executives
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In Five Dysfunctions of a Team for Executives we not only learn about outlines the root causes of politics and dysfunction on the teams where you work, and the keys to overcoming them, but we then take a deeper look into your roles a leader in supporting this development and growth in your teams..
Innovation Tournament
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All organizations seek to maximize their financial returns. Profits are driven largely by the quality and number of the opportunities pursued. Would you like to have more quality opportunities? Many of those opportunities are the ideas of your employees. Based on a structured and process-driven approach you can tap into all those employees who have creative and potentially profitable ideas. The Innovation Tournament will enable your organization to systematically identify exceptional opportunities for innovation and growth.
Is Innovation a Culture or a Person?
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Innovation is a new buzz word in the business world and the truth is, it is not going away. We have more information available to us than ever before. If organizations are to stay relevant innovation must be incorporated. The challenge often presented is figuring out how to be innovative especially in an organization where structure and procedures is a part of the culture. In this session we will explore people who are innovative and cultures that are innovative. We will identify which is important and why.
Leading Change through The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*)
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The Power of TED*(*The Empowerment Dynamic) provides a unique and powerful way of responding to challenging times – professionally for yourself and those you lead as well as personally. This session explores the shift in mindset from a Victim Orientation – and its “drama triangle” dynamics between the roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer – to a Creator Orientation and its antidote roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach. How to make this “shift happen” elicits hope for a more resourceful way to respond to life experience.
Lincoln on Leadership
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Abraham Lincoln was known as “Father Abraham” as he led during our country’s darkest hours. He has grown to be respected as a truly Authentic Leader. He is unique among leaders in that his “star” has risen with time; not fallen as have so many historic figures. We will listen carefully to his advice and follow his example to uncover fundamental principles that will enhance our business acumen and improve our ability to work effectively with people whether they are employees, peers, seniors, customers, stakeholders, and, importantly, your loved ones as you balance your career and life’s work.
Listening – the Key to Superior Leadership
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Most leaders think they are good listeners. But when it comes right down to it, what do their employees and peers really think? Are you able to silence your own mental chatter long enough to focus on what others are saying? Do you easily read body language and pick up what is being said “between the lines”? Do you know how to make people feel at ease and understood when they talk to you, even if you do not agree with them? Over 70% of people report that they do not feel like their boss really listens to them – these same 70% say it would make a difference in their performance if they felt listened to, valued and understood. Listening is a key skill to successful leadership.

What participants are saying:

  • Instructor was very engaging.
  • I enjoyed learning “rules” to listening.
  • I can use this course to build bridges that were burned prior to my arrival.
  • I will use this information at work and home.
Living and Leading in a World of VUCA
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Speed, fitness, flexibility, agility are words that are often used to describe a great athlete but in today’s business environment that is what organizations must be to survive. Leadership agility is more important than ever in this world of flux. The term VUCA, created by the US Army War College, serves as an appropriate description of current organizational environments:

  • Volatility – The nature, speed, volume, magnitude and dynamics of change
  • Uncertainty – The lack of predictability of issues and events;
  • Complexity – The confounding of issues and the chaos that surround any organization; and
  • Ambiguity – The haziness of reality and the mixed meanings of conditions.

In this workshop we will explore this world of VUCA and identify the leadership competencies that are required of the 21st century leader .
Managing Difficult Conversations
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Conflict is a normal and necessary part of healthy relationships. As leaders we must learn to be confident in leading ourselves and others through proper conflict resolution. When a leader mismanages conflict it can harm relationships, break down trust and have long term results on projects… ultimately hitting the bottom line and affecting the entire organization. On the contrary when conflict is handled in a respectful and positive way, it creates the opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between team members. By learning the skills you need for successful conflict resolution (which includes managing conflicts between your team members as a mediator), you can face disagreements with confidence and keep your personal and professional relationships strong and growing.
Power Thinking
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Power Thinking is a crucial skill for leaders to possess if they are to be successful. This session empowers leaders with the information they need to evaluate their current thinking proficiencies, determine areas for improvement, and enhance their thinking skills. By exploring areas of reasoning, self-knowledge and insight and examining thinking strategies of leaders, participants will boost their abilities in the cognitive domains found to be crucial to being an outstanding leader.

  • Identify current proficiency in the three dimensions of thinking
  • Identify and practice strategies that are most conducive to problem solving, decision making, and creative thinking
  • Recognize the Drama Triangle and learn to use the Empowerment Triangle to enhance team resilience
Indoor Rock Climbing Half Day Experiential Leadership Workshop:
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This exciting and engaging half-day group program is custom designed to meet your group’s unique goals.  It is a perfect way to practice and reinforce skills covered in previous workshops or to introduce new topics and skills to your group.  The program will include interactive initiatives, group and individual debriefs and coaching, and, of course, learning to rock climb and to belay, that is, to control the rope that keeps the climber safe.

These half-day, morning workshops are held here in Charlottesville, at an indoor rock climbing gym, making them easy to get to and not weather dependent.  All fitness levels are welcome, and no climbing experience is needed. Over 80% of the strength used in climbing is in the legs, so anyone who can climb a few flights of stairs or a short ladder will succeed.

Topics covered include:

  • Critical Conversations
  • Situational Leadership
  • Consciencious Communication
  • Self Leadership
  • Teamwork and Trust
The Vineyard Leadership Experience
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Bring the entire team together for a unique Leadership Experience with POWERFUL results. Recent research suggests that employee engagement is on the decline. The results? Less effectiveness, lowered productivity, and poor performance. The same research also shows that engaged employees are exponentially more effective, work together as a team, and produce powerful outcomes! MSBCoach is pleased to present a unique leadership experience where teams work together in real-world situations. You will see immediate changes in the way your teams communicate and problem solve as well as important hands-on learning that follows them back to the office.

This program is perfect for organizations, impact teams, or group of professionals who want to see leadership in a whole new light.

Trust-Based Leadership
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Would it surprise you to learn that recent studies suggest that employees trust in senior management, direct supervisors and co-workers is dwindling across all industries? According to a new Maritz® Poll conducted by Maritz Research, only 11 percent of employees strongly agree their managers show consistency between their words and actions. In addition, only seven percent of employees strongly agree they trust senior leaders to look out for their best interest, and only seven percent strongly agree they trust their co-workers to do so. Approximately one-fifth of respondents disagree that their company’s leader is completely honest and ethical, and one-quarter of respondents disagree that they trust management to make the right decisions in times of uncertainty. While workplace trust has been dwindling since the Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco scandals of the earlier part of the decade, threats of layoffs and downsizing have only exacerbated the problem.
Wellness in the Workplace & the Bottom Line
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Research clearly shows a direct correlation between performance and wellness. There is also a direct correlation between bottom line dollars we all pay for health care and wellness.

In this session we will:

  • Explore the Research
  • Exercises to keep the brain active and engages
  • Identify wellness
  • Identify the dimensions of a person’s life
  • Look at personal choices
  • Ask, what is the responsibility of the employer
  • Expose the cost of not living a life of wellbeing personally, professionally and to the employer
  • Take first steps to create a healthy organization

Emerging Executive Leadership Program

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.38.26 PMOur Emerging Executive Coaching is for leaders within an organization who are ready for the next level of leadership. MSBCoach works with this leader and their reporting manager to create a 12-18 month development plan based upon the needs of the high-potential leader and the organization. The assigned MSBC coach supports the emerging executive or high potential leader with one-on-one coaching, assessments, experiential learning, readings and skill development. The MSBCoach and the high potential leader have quarterly check-ins with the reporting manager to address the leader’s development, identify any additional needs, and make necessary adjustments.

Meet the MSBCoach team.

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

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