Group & Team Coaching

In addition to our one on one coaching, MSBCoach offers group and team coaching. 

Group coaching involves a group of people from an organization that don’t necessarily work closely together but have a common goal to develop specific leadership qualities and skills. MSBC facilitates training to improve leadership skills on an individual level in a group setting. Group coaching allows individuals to learn together and provides an opportunity for individuals to connect and build relationships across the organization.

Team coaching is geared towards a group of people from an organization that work closely together. MSBCoach helps team members assess themselves on an individual level, how they work as a team and how it impacts the organization. Team coaching helps teams learn as a whole to develop the skills needed to work more effectively and efficiently together to reach their goals.

Group and team coaching both involve individual reflection, partner work and group work so that people are learning and developing their leadership skills together and from each other. MSBC partners with you to facilitate group and team coaching based on the needs of your organization.