Our Coaching Process

Our coaching model - Click for more information

The types of coaching we offer:

Our coaching process is a 6-month commitment and includes the following:

  • 2 coaching sessions per month or a total of 12 coaching hours
  • Unlimited email support from the coach
  • Coachee completes a new client packet
  • Coachee completes Emergenetics (Human Behavior Assessment - Neuro-Science based)
  • Coachee completes an EQ (Learning in Action) Assessment
  • Coachee’s stakeholder completes a questionnaire on the coachee (to help focus the coaching and outcomes desired)
  • We recommend 3-joint coaching sessions during the 6-month process with the Coach, Coachee and Coachee’s stakeholder.
    • The first is to review the new client packet, stakeholder's questionnaire and to discuss outcomes desired
    • The second is mid-way through and a check point to see how the progress is going
    • The third is the final session to review how we did and if we will continue coaching
  • All coaching is confidential
  • Coachee is encouraged and given the tools to manage any crucial or inspirational conversations with their team, leadership, peers or stakeholders. 
  • These types of conversations can be facilitated in joint sessions with their coach or on their own.