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We at MSBCoach believe that any organization willing to put the time and effort into the strategic planning process intends for it to transform their organization into their vision for the future. Typical strategic planning efforts have often resulted in stagnant and abandoned strategic plan documents that do little to align, engage or create change in an organization.

Simply put, strategic planning, when done well, is an opportunity to engage in creative thinking about the possibilities of the organization, develop stronger leaders and teams while defining the future value and the plans to get there. MSBCoach offers an innovative approach and a team with extensive experience to guide your leadership through this important strategic planning process.

Our three phased process leverages industry expertise in strategy and leadership to guide your organization.  In the end, your organization is left with not only with a strong vision and strategic goals, but also powerful communication vehicles in the form of a strategy map, shift charts and work plans, and a foundation of stronger leaders and teams better equipped to implement the plan. The process is elegantly simple and by virtue of how it’s facilitated, creates alignment and engagement in your organization to execute the mission at hand. Our intention is to give you a lasting plan and the tools and processes by which you can keep it relevant and actionable year after year.

As we guide you through this process, rest assured that we are experts in the foundational tools of facilitation, organizational assessments, change management, strategic communication, and project management to get the job done right.

logo figureonly-e1384741206165MSBCoach Assessment and Strategy™ helps you clearly define your structure, vision, mission and goals. We use the following tools to trouble shoot, problem solve, achieve improved efficiency, and enhance capabilities:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Balanced Scorecard







If your organization is poised to chart the path for its future and is looking for a partner to facilitate that goal contact us to learn more about our Strategic Transformation approach or developing a customized faciliated planning event.

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