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Engaging a coach, for yourself, a team member, or your whole team, is a commitment to realizing the goals you set for yourself and your organization. Coaching is personal, coaching is confidential, and coaching is empowering.

Coaching is about achieving peak performance – engaging your best attributes to improve on the patterns and strategies that got you where you are, but aren’t getting you where you want to be. Like an athlete striving to break a record, you have to set a program, commit to it, and then execute – every day, no matter what.




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First, you Identify the goals you want to accomplish, along with the challenges and opportunities you see along the way.


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Next, we work with you to Shift your mindset – asking probing questions to uncover potential new approaches, exploring all the possibilities, and preparing for the challenges and struggles ahead. We won’t tell you that this is going to be easy – we’ll help you figure out what will keep you motivated on the toughest days, and on the days that things are looking pretty good and you’re thinking maybe you’ve come “far enough”…(Psst – You haven’t.)


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Finally, we help you Create your path to success – setting goals and timeframes, a specific action plan, and an execution strategy. And we stick with you for the whole race or the whole season – cheering you on at the water stations, giving a Hoosiers-worthy locker room speech when you’re down at the half, and best of all, spraying champagne at the finish line or firing the confetti when you cut down the nets. Your success is the reason we’re in this business – and nothing keeps us engaged like a fridge door full of finisher photos.


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“My coach was great and allowed me to work through some issues of being a supervisor, particularly a new supervisor. I learned that I need to move out of the ‘star performer’ role that I’ve been in for 18 years and to move into a ‘star leader’ role. The relationship I formed with my classmates has been great. It helped me to utilize the expertise of others and ask for help.”  participant in Emerging Executive Leadership Program 





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When a team coach works with a team, they focusing on what the team does best to move them from good to excellent and become high performing, inspired and sustained.

A team is considered as a unit of highly capable and unique individuals who when given the right tools and language can do outstanding things.

Teach Coaching differs from team building or training because there will always be an issue, result or area of focused that needs to be addressed. A team coach helps the team become successful quicker, by building on their strengths.

When would I want a Team Coach?

Most organizations have teams and team leaders, but still they aren’t as successful as they need to be for all sorts of reasons. Just as coaching is seen as an investment for maximizing employee talent, so team coaching is seen for improving team performance. If you are going to help individuals, so you have to help the teams.

Team building v team coaching

Team building is about creating bonding opportunities and team spirit, often it aids new appreciation for each other, but this isn’t always sustainable. The spirit may not last. Training can be like this too. We have all attended trainings then walked in to work the following day and not been consistent with the new concepts, sometimes they don’t even get off the ground.

Opportunities that indicate you may want to employ a Team Coach:
  • High performing teams that can still go the extra mile
  • Poor performing or burnt out teams
  • The Organization undergoing change
  • Specific tasks/projects
  • Teams that are showing destructive traits that may include: gossip, bullying, conflict
  • Performance issues with internal or external clients/relations
  • Virtual teams
  • Newly formed team from diverse groups
  • Maximizing individual talents, knowing how to create a sustainable team.
How will I know team coaching has worked?
  • Better results
  • Sustainable teams
  • Inspired teams
  • Challenges are no longer halting progress
  • Increased ROI

Emerging Executive Leadership Program

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 1.38.26 PMOur Emerging Executive Coaching is for leaders within an organization who are ready for the next level of leadership. MSBCoach works with this leader and their reporting manager to create a 12-18 month development plan based upon the needs of the high-potential leader and the organization. The assigned MSBC coach supports the emerging executive or high potential leader with one-on-one coaching, assessments, experiential learning, readings and skill development. The MSBCoach and the high potential leader have quarterly check-ins with the reporting manager to address the leader’s development, identify any additional needs, and make necessary adjustments.

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