Leslie Craig

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Leslie Craig

Leslie Craig started with the MSBCoach team in December of 2018 as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the team. She has extensive experience in mission-driven environments organizing people, programs, and data in a conscientious and caring manner. She graduated from Wilmington College with a B.A. in English, and she recently completed her M.S. in Strategic Communication from Purdue University, also achieving a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications Management.

Leslie loves facilitating productive, compassionate, proactive dialogue and sees her work in Executive-level Administration as a conduit for creating a greater understanding within and among organizations. 

An Ohio native, Leslie lived in three other states before she and her family relocated to Charlottesville in 2012. As a single mom of three (and one gigantic fur-kid), Leslie developed her detail-oriented organizational abilities through "nature" AND "nurture," and finds it easy to keep track of multiple changing priorities, deadlines, and projects at all times. To decompress, she finds energy in mental, physical, or emotional stillness through her meditation practice, walking and hiking in nature, and surrounding herself with tea, books and sunshine. 


 Proudest Professional Achievement and Why? 

As a former military spouse, I had to put my career path on hold while I supported my then-spouse in his career and took care of our three young children through multiple military moves and deployments. My proudest professional achievement was conquering the emotional and mental blocks I had to getting back into the workforce. Finding a path that allowed me to take ownership of my skills and talents while also allowing me the flexibility to care for the needs of my family is no small feat, and has come with lots of of practice of prioritization, negotiation and self-reflection. 

Proudest Personal Achievement and Why? 

Every day, I'm proud to watch my daughters grow into the strong, independent, intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate women they are quickly becoming. Loving and nurturing their gifts, supporting them in their challenges, and allowing them to find their own paths through life is and continues to be my greatest personal achievement.

Three words someone else would use to describe me:

Innovative, compassionate, diligent.

I consider a day a success if:
I've achieved balance between my personal and professional goals, and feel the "happy-tired" of soul-fulfilling work. 

Favorite Quote:

'i love myself.'

From Salt by Nayyirah Waheed