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What Does Your Leadership "Selfie" Look Like?

Written by Andrea Wright Posted in Blog

What Does Your Leadership

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, is one of my favorite songs.  This song summarizes an important thought... if we want our world to be a better place, it begins with each one of us. If you buy in to the words of this song and want to be a change in the world.... you need to realize this includes being the change you want to see in your organizations as well. Being "the change and making a difference" requires a different way of thinking.  Ask yourself, “How do I engage with others? What is my leadership presence? Do I carry out my work with integrity?” 

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I am a leader...but who am I?

Written by Pam Clark Posted in Blog

I am a leader...but who am I?

Authentic leaders align their leadership style with their personal purpose and values, and that is what helps them inspire and perform consistently.

So how exactly do you go about creating this style? You can start with the exploration of your values, assumptions and beliefs about yourself.

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Keeping it Real: A Look at Authentic Leadership

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Keeping it Real: A Look at Authentic Leadership

Recently, I was coaching with a client and the topic of authentic leadership came up. The client was describing a former boss and said, “I think my previous boss was authentic – an authentic jerk – certifiable!”  The client went on to describe how the former boss was consistent and true to specific behaviors that gave him the title of “authentic jerk.”  Most of us would agree that this “boss” isn’t our definition of authentic leadership.  So, why do we use the word “authentic” to refer to leadership?

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Visionary Leadership: Seeing the Forest AND the Trees

Written by Andrea Wright Posted in Blog, All Posts

Visionary Leadership: Seeing the Forest AND the Trees
Visionary Leaders are often identified as innovative, out of the box thinkers, risk takers and able to see the possibilities for the future.  While all of these things are typically true of visionary leaders, they show up as outward attributes that make the visionary leader successful. These things are the aspects of the process that goes on internally within the leader individually. There is another key aspect to being a visionary leader that does not get as much attention or "flair."  This other aspect of visionary leadership is knowing how to empower others.  This attribute of empowering is not only essential to one's development, but it is also important to the success of relationships.
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Building your Personal Leadership Brand

Written by Stasia Rice Posted in Webinars



Duration: 65 minutes

What will you be known for in your organization?

PERSONAL BRAND . . . a trendy phrase or something of value? We’re all very familiar with corporate brands; Coke, Disney and McDonalds to name a few. But what about a personal brand and do you really need to be concerned about having one? Whether you are a student, searching for your next job or already employed, it’s important for you to be able to articulate your unique value proposition.

View this engaging session to learn:

  •     Why it’s important to your success at “Me, Inc.”
  •     How to create an effective personal brand statement.
  •     How to manage your brand with social media.
  •     What return you receive from living your brand.

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