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Leading an Innovation Culture

Written by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in White Papers

Sustained Innovation is the Key to Long-Term Success

Organizations today recognize that sustained innovation is essential in order to compete and survive in the global marketplace. However, “innovation” is not just about coming up with radical ideas, nor is it simply about cool products (iPads and iPhones, for instance) or “creative” gurus (such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson). While these might represent the most visible and tangible evidence that innovation exists, there is far more to the story.

Author and creativity expert Bryan W. Mattimore, in his book Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs (Jossey-Bass, 2012), says that “Ideation – the term for the collection of group creativity techniques formerly known as brainstorming – is fun but can be hard work. Innovation – getting an idea or product to market successfully – is much harder work still.”

Sustained innovation is more about a supportive and aligned culture than a singular product or individual.

Sustained innovation is more about a supportive and aligned culture than a singular product or individual....

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Communication-- Your Achilles' Heel? Six Ways to Avoid it

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Read any survey, talk to any leader, any employee – Communication ranks at the top of the list for “things leaders need to do better”. We all know it, and yet, most of us still struggle with communicating. And now that we live in the world of instant communication and information overload, it has only gotten harder. We have more tools, more resources, more access and we are less effective. This reminds me of the famous quote of George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” There are some things that we can do to get better.



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To Lead or to Manage? OR TO LEAD AND MANAGE!

Written by Michelle Braden, CEO Posted in White Papers, All Posts


There is an ongoing debate about the differences and definitions of leader and manager and many are striving to identify which is better. The bottom line is, organizations need both leaders and managers in order to be successful. In fact, the more "lean" organizations become, the more we will see leaders who need to be able to manage and managers who need to be able to lead.

One of the mistakes that have been made is trying to make management and leadership independent of one another. The truth is they are both dependent upon one another for a company's profits as well as their people's success.


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Getting Real: How High-Achieving Women Can Lead Authentically

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Women aren’t always true to themselves. In a vain attempt to live up to organizational norms and expectations, their behaviors sometimes go against their own values. But it’s not easy being a phony. It takes a lot of energy to behave in ways that are out of sync with our true values, priorities, hopes, char- acteristics and style. The energy expended trying to come across as something you are not is energy unavailable for work and other activities...


Getting Real How High Achieving Women Can Lead Authentically



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Strategy to Succeed: a practical guide to being a strategic leader

Written by Barbara Higgins Posted in White Papers, All Posts


A leader without a plan or a plan without a leader simply won’t succeed. Great leaders match their passion for a future vision with the confidence and credibility that comes from strategic planning, in order to achieve that vision. To be successful in the long-term, your organization must have quality leadership and actionable strategy. So how do you help your organization define and manage an effective strategy? In this whitepaper, Barbara Higgins will provide you with practical ways to assess your organization, enhance your approach, and energize your role.


Strategy to Succeed

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