Become a Champion of Change

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Become a Champion of Change

Most of us like the idea of being the champion of something that interests us or championing a cause that we are passionate about. We will endure the hard work and set-backs because we believe in what we are doing. I'm willing to bet that your organization is looking for some champions! 

How would you like to be the Change Champion in your organization? Why, you ask? Change, especially organizational change, requires more than management or even leadership at times. Change will be most effective and lasting if there are people who believe in it and are passionate about it. Change needs someone who will champion it and nurture its development. 

If you want more effective change, become a Change Champion! In this webinar we will: 
• Define the role of the Change Champion 
• Create effective communication strategies 
• Identify the early adopters, hiders, resistors and lagers 
• Discuss ways to engage and onboard others into the change 

About the Author

JoAnn Auger

JoAnn Auger

JoAnn Auger serves as a trainer with MSBCoach. Much of JoAnn’s experience and expertise comes from her time as a Leadership Development Analyst and Coach for the largest auto insurer in the US. JoAnn incorporates more than 30 years of business and personal experience to help organizations and individuals identify and close gaps in performance and needed results. read more.

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