99 Day Leadership

These books were written for leaders who desire to focus on their leadership journey. Each daily entry consists of an introspective article or commentary and a series of questions, all of which are intended to help you create a plan for applying the ideas and concepts presented in the article.

According to the psychological research recently published in the European Journal of Social Psychology by Phillippa Lally and colleagues from University College London [Lally et al. (2009)], it takes anywhere from 18 - 254 days to create a new habit or behavior. With this in mind whether you are a “seasoned” leader or just beginning your leadership journey, you will undoubtedly have leadership habits and behaviours that you value along with those you want to evolve, modify or completely change.

"The 99 Day Leadership Journey" will get you started by guiding you through your next 99 days by way of writings and reflections aimed at enhancing, changing or creating powerful leadership behaviors. I encourage you to take your time as you work through your daily leadership reflections. It is the process itself, not the speed in which it is completed, that makes the difference. Challenge yourself to not just read the material, but to create a plan to do something different.

stand out

Stand Out: 33 Daily Reflections to Build Positive Habits for Personal Leadership Development (The 99 Day Leadership Journey - Volume 1)

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dare to make a difference

Dare to Make A Difference: 33 Daily Reflections to Build Effective Habits When Leading Others (The 99 Day Leadership Journey - Volume 2)

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bottom line

Bottom Line: 33 Daily Reflections to Build Successful Habits When Leading for Results (The 99 Day Leadership Journey - Volume 3)

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