Self Coaching Journey to Leadership Maturity - People Champion

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Self Coaching Journey to Leadership Maturity - People Champion
A People Champion is a leader that is committed to investing the time and resources to advocate for, motivate, develop and encourage learning and development in their teams and peers.


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We are also now offering you a way take your leadership development to the next level with our new program:  The Leadership Climb:  A Self Coaching Journey to Leadership Maturity.  This FREE self-coaching program will dive even deeper into that core competency theme and guide you each week to assess, plan, practice and reflect on your own leadership maturity in that area.  Click here to learn about how it works.


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Michelle Braden, CEO

Michelle Braden, CEO

Michelle has trained leaders for over 20 years. She is a certified coach and the author of three leadership books Stand OutDare to Make A Difference, and Bottom Lineas well as a thought-leadership contributor to several blogs/publications including: Forbes Coahes Council, Thought Leaders, Lead Change and Leadership Courseware... read more


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