Creating Your Leadership Credo or Mantra

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Creating Your Leadership Credo or Mantra

The word “mantra” has a few different meanings.  One of the definitions means, “an instrument of thought” (Wikipedia).  A credo is “a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions” ( A few weeks ago, I was writing up my thoughts on leadership to share with a new team member.  In doing so, I realized I created a list that makes up my personal leadership credo or mantra.

I would like to share this list with you and encourage you to create your own list.  The best way to make this happen is to find a quiet place and begin to write (or type) what you value in your own leadership and the leadership of others.  I think this list is a living document as I will constantly reflect on it and add to it:

Michelle Braden Leadership Credo January 2015

  • End stronger than you begin
  • Do everything with integrity and commitment
  • Communicate thoughtfully and with honesty
  • Always leave a place or person better than you found it/them
  • Lead with character, pride and excellence 
  • Lead without a title 
  • Encourage and develop others 
  • Give back
  •  Guard against downward spiral thinking
  • Pay it forward 
  • Never look back with regret  
  • Look back to learn
  • You cannot change the past 
  • Appreciate failure, it reminds you are human  
  •  Lead others the way THEY want to be led 
  • Always give your 100% 
  • Inspire others to give 100% 
  • Recognize  everyone's 100% is different 
  • Value talents and strengths that are different from yours
  • Value talents and strengths that you don't understand 
  • Forgiveness is a gift to freely forgive yourself and others 
  • Care enough to have the difficult conversations
  • If the shoe doesn't fit stretch it or know when to give it away  
  • Do your work as if someone is always watching 
  • Listen with an open mind and genuine interest to learn 
  • Know what sets you apart – what makes you great
  • Be confident and humble in your greatness
  • Help others to find their greatness 
  • Give space for others to fail 
  • Capture teachable moments 
  • Watch your motivations they will define you
  • Respect others
  • Value diversity
  • Enrich lives 
  • Treat each person the same way you treat the CEO
  • Raise the bar
  • Be confident not cocky
  • Be prepared to back it up
  • You will be hurt
  • You will be disappointed
  • You also will be loved, pleasantly surprised and  honored 
  • Do it scared – but do it
  • Take the risk
  • Ask for advice
  • Ask for feedback
  • Everything isn't fun but remember to have fun 
What would you add to your list?  We would love to have you share your Leadership Credo with us….
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Michelle Braden, CEO

Michelle Braden, CEO

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