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Leading the Way to Effective Time Management

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In a race between you and the clock – who wins? Would you rather manage a difficult employee than try to manage your time? And who has enough time for the extras – hobbies, volunteer work, and family!? When did family become an extra?

Join us for this informative webinar where we will offer solutions for balancing time for work, home, and self, help you introduce effective time management techniques for you and your staff, and discuss what to do when the unexpected comes along and rocks your boat.

Leaders Leveraging the Virtual World

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As organizations downsize their staff, leaders often find themselves without admin support.

The result?

Leaders and their staff are shouldering more of the burden which detracts from the bigger picture and more specialized projects. In today’s economy the competition is fierce and the last thing you want is to fall behind because you are still trying to get your PowerPoint presentation to save correctly.

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